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Rainbow Serenity

Welcome to Rainbow Serenity!

Northwest Indiana's LGBT Center!

Please view our links above to get to know us.


New Updates!


April 2014

RAFFLE!! Take a chance at 2 tickets to Six Flags Great America! Tickets available online and offline. Details here.


March 2014

Rainbow Serenity became a proud member of the Highland Chamber of Commerce!



New events! Athletic Nights Out! Current Games and details are available here! Games include the Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Sky. More to come! Ticket prices include transportation. Link --> Athletics


January 2014

New Events, meetings, and programming! We are happy to announce our 2nd Annual Music & Arts Fair planning is currently underway! Check out the event site HERE for more details, ticket sales, and vendor/band/sponsor packets. We are looking for volunteers for the planning and for the day of the event, please contact us at (219) 595-2321.

We also have an upcoming Same-Sex Tax Prep Workshop that we will have on February 8th. Check out the details in our events section. HERE



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Hours Vary.


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